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CFO Outsourcing & Business Finance Consulting

Companies get to levels sometimes where they have a hard time breaking through to the next level, with corporate CFO experience, we can bring fresh perspective to such a company, and help them envision their next expansion strategy. Sometimes, such a company may think it cannot afford to hire a high-level chief financial officer.

  • Deliverables same as full time CFO
  • Interim CFOs come into a troubled company full time, but for finite period
  • Contribute permanent value to your company
  • Assit in maximize profits, cashflow, and working capital
  • Financial tools to effectively manage your business
  • Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial statements

With the outsourced help and guidance, the company may find it cannot afford to be without such leadership. We provide financial tools you need to effectively manage your business. Financial tools include methods in which to:-

  • Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial statements, and
  • Maximize profits, cash flow, and working capital.

Armed with this type of information regularly, imagine what your growth possibilities could be.

CMiinds takes interim assignments, but there have been relationships with companies that have lasted for years. Our services on a very flexible basis, to meet the needs of the client. Work schedules can range from few days a week, to once or twice a month.

Our CFO on demand can be of two types:

  • Ongoing services and
  • Interim CFOs come into a troubled company full time, but for a finite period.

The advantages and the value adds are :

  • We try to do what's most effective for the customer
  • Access to the latest skills, procedures and software
  • A professional advisor on strategic planning
  • Skills that can adapt to rapidly changing corporate needs
  • Bring a higher level of sophistication to these companies, and provide a sounding board for strategic planning at companies
  • At a cost that is 30%-40% less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee