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Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes are applicable to activities that span from manufacturing to final consumption, including distribution, trading and imports, as well as services, thereby impacting all businesses.

We offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all areas of indirect taxes from Customs to Central Excise, from Service Tax to VAT. We help our clients in to factor in such tax costs upfront and through appropriate planning, reduce the costs to the extent possible.

Service Tax

Rigorous compliances with the service tax have also increased both in quantum and complexity since its introduction to in the Indian Tax Laws under Central Excise & Customs Act. We extend the following expert services for the strict compliance with the service tax law

  • Registration with Service Tax
  • Calculation of Service Tax
  • Filing of regular Service Tax returns and various other compliances
  • Advisory Services for Assessments
  • Preparation of records for the Service Tax credit and various other records under the Service Tax Law
  • Advisory Services for the Tax Planning and Minimization

VAT & Entry Tax

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of indirect tax, and takes into account all the multiple sales taxes connected with the sale of a product. VAT calculates the sales taxes in a different manner, but includes the taxes comprehensively. The compliance requirements have increased, and therefore, there arises the need for expert & elegant services for the proper maintenance of records, and the calculation of the tax liability.

  • Obtaining initial registrations, providing consultancy on Sales tax/VAT/Entry tax matter
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittance of taxes
  • Assist in compliance of procedures and availing tax benefits
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Advisory services in relation to the VAT legislation
  • Minimization of tax exposure and structuring business transactions
  • Filing of Other documents/ Misc forms with the Govt Department on time to time basis.

Central Excise & Customs

Excise duty is levied on production of goods while Customs duty is normally levied on the import of goods. For businesses that are engaged in manufacturing / imports, these duties represent major costs and hence adequate planning and proper compliance is of prime importance.

  • Obtaining initial registrations
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittance of tax dues
  • Assist in compliance with procedures, availing of tax benefits, etc
  • Minimization of tax exposure, structuring business transactions
  • Assistance during assessments